HepaICONA Cohort

On May 2013, ICONA Foundation decided to launch a new Cohort Study: HepaICONA.

HepaICONA uses the model, the experience and the structure of ICONA, to widen the recruitment to person carrying the hepatitis C virus if they are naive to modern oral anti-HCV drugs. ICONA already records in its database more than 16.500 patients of which 35% are coinfected.

HepaICONA is a nested cohort of ICONA and represents the largest study ever conducted in Italy in HIV-HCV coinfection setting, with the aim to provide the scientific community and the institutions the information needed to answer instances of optimization of therapeutic strategies and management of HIV-HCV coinfection.

Enrolment is proceeding successfully: currently (June 2018) in HepaICONA converge 3.746 patients, among those enrolled in ICONA cohort naïve to DAAs and patients coinfected with HIV/HCV and HCV-RNA positives, followed by patients not included in ICONA because experienced, but naïve to DAAs. HepaICONA can today provide a reliable review of the epidemiological features of coinfected HIV-HCV and viremic population as well as data to evaluate the outcome of the various DAAs regimens and the pathogenesis of HIV/HCV coinfection.

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