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We are pleased to welcome you in the ICONA website. As you know, ICONA is one of the most important and effective reality in the context of epidemiological and clinical research in HIV and hepatitis virus infections.  

ICONA was constituted as Foundation in 2007 but it has been operating since 1997 within a national Network designed to collect clinical data and selected biological materials; it stands apart as one of the few cohorts in the world capable of supplying reliable data on the impact of initial treatments on epidemiological, clinical, biological and behavioral parameters.

In twenty years (1997-2016) ICONA enrolled more than 18.800 antiretroviral naïve patients at the beginning of the observational period: this ensured ICONA Foundation to have essential data and information about natural history and outcome of HIV and hepatitis virus infections and to confirm the scientific leadership of the Project and the potential of Italian infectious diseases.

On 2013 ICONA Foundation promoted a new cohort study: HepaICONA.  HepaICONA uses the model, the experience and the structure of ICONA to widen the recruitment to person carrying the hepatitis C virus if they are “naive” to modern oral anti-HCV drugs (DAAs). Enrolment is proceeding successfully: at December 2020 HepaICONA enrolled 3.962 patients e 1.749 ended DAA treatment.

A number of open issues remain at epidemiological, clinical and social level. ICONA Foundation, now consolidated in its structure and with increasingly strong credibility, will continue to provide the knowledge base to best address relevant clinical questions in HIV and Coinfection research.

Within the website you will find all updates on the progress of ICONA and HepaICONA cohorts, collection of publications, abstracts and presentations to Congresses, the clinical centers network and lots more.

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